Slate Raven MTi
2x Universal Audio Apollo
Pro Tools
Sound Toys
Slate Digital
Izotope and more.


Analog mixing

Antelope Satori (8 channel analog summing and mastering grade monitoring)
Dangerous 2 Bus LT (16 channel analog summing)
Yamaha NS 10m
Yamaha HS80 (active)


Chandler Germanium (x2)
Universal Audio 4-710
8 Universal Audio Apollo mic preamps ( UA 610A, UA 610B, Neve 1073/Eq)
HHB Radius 10 (4 TLA Tube preamps)
Shiny Box Mic Pre
Old School Audio mic pre



Royer R121
EV re20
Little Blondie (Stereo pair)
Shure SM 7
Shure 57 (x2)
Shure SM 58 (x2)
Shure Beta 56 (x2)
Shure Beta 52
Shure KSM 141 (x2)
AKG 214 (Stereo pair)
2x Modded Apex 460 (U47)
Modded Telephone mic


Guitar Pedals

Empress - Super delay
Empress - Compressor
Tc Electronic - Hall of fame reverb
Radial Tonebone - PZ Pre
Dave's Pedals - Colour sound over driver  replica
Way Huge Electronics - Fat Sandwich harmonic saturator
MXR - Super comp
Electro-Harmonix - Graphic Fuzz
Electro-Harmonix - H.O.G
Electro-Harmonix - Big Muff
Moogerfooger - Murf
Boss - Digital Reverb/Delay RV-3
Boss - Phase shifter PH3
Boss - Tremolo TR2
Boss - Chorus CE2
Boss - Distortion DS1
Boss - Tuner (x3)