Working at the Shoebox also comes with working with it's owner and in-house producer.

Bryan Ruckstuhl -
While playing guitar and singing in bands in the late 90s, Bryan Ruckstuhl landed a job booking live entertainment at the Elbow Room, a tiny but trendy Ottawa venue that became a launching pad for some of the city's top musicians. 
In 2001, Ruckstuhl helped open a new music venue in Canada's capital, Cafe Dekcuf, named after one of his songs. Ruckstuhl himself designed the sign that still hangs on the building today, even though he has since left the venue. 

Ruckstuhl was then hired by LiVE 88.5 FM, a new alternative rock station, in 2006 to launch the LiVE 88.5 Big Money Shot, a multi-million dollar talent development program for local artists. He continued to write songs of his own and practice various production techniques in his spare time. Three years later, Ruckstuhl left LiVE 88.5 to open a small, private recording studio, Studio 169. Years later, he merged with Jonathan to start the Shoebox Recording Studio. In 2019 Bryan amicably moved the studio back in to his home in Manotick and has continued to use that as his creative outlet, as well as invite other artists to call it home as well. 


Bryan is the front man for Ottawa based rock band The Lucky Setback. He also sings on a studio collaboration with Jonathan Chandler under the moniker The Andy Kaufmans. To stay true to his roots he continues to produce, record, mix and master his own solo material which can be found on all streaming sites under Bryan Ruckstuhl.