Welcome to the Shoebox.

The Shoebox Recording Studio is a story that started more than 15 years ago. That’s when co-owners Bryan Ruckstuhl and Jonathan Chandler, both long time contributors to Ottawa’s music scene, met in a small, local bar and their creative paths have crossed ever since.

Until recently, both Ruckstuhl and Chandler had been operating their own, independent home recording studios. After lengthy discussions over a couple of beers, the pair decided the time was right to combine their years of experience and move their operation to a more accessible location, offering a full list of creative services.

Accented in 100-year-old barn board, the creative space provides a warm and cozy atmosphere. The studio is unique, welcoming, well thought out and inspiring. It boasts world class analog and digital recording and mixing gear, as well as a variety of instruments.

Are you or your band looking to record your music? Need voice overs or original content to complement your campaign, commercial, movie, podcast, or jingle? Need an original beat or instrumental track for your project or mixtape? Want that podcast or audio book editing done for you? Shoebox is your one stop shop. Shoebox is set up and producers are ready to go.  Shoebox has got your back.

No matter the need, Shoebox aims to make your creative project one of a kind.